Thursday, December 28, 2006


Gmail data lost

This week I'm going to post on a recent event demonstrating the need for remote online-content backup. Namely that users of Gmail ended up losing some emails.

Of course this is extremely timely, although perhaps if they would have given us another month it would have been nicer ;)

I guess this is our way of "unofficially" announcing the availability of support for backup of Gmail by the end of January and backup of other Google account data to follow shortly. Here are some features to expect.

-Backup all remote data to our secure data center
-Export all remote data to your local computer as a single export file
-Receive a monthly DVD with all data on it
-Backup entire history of emails

Until the end of January, we strongly suggest following these instructions to backup your gmail:

As well, consider backing up your other data, such as:
-Google Calendar
-Yahoo! Mail
-Corporate data such as
-Online bookmarks

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