Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Update on BlogBackupOnline

Things are heating up at Techrigy in December, even though Rochester, NY is getting very cold.

First off, the release of is imminent although still not available. The private beta is planned for December 15th release. Please email us if you are interested (

Second, we are looking to expand. If you are interested in an exciting position at a new start in a hot market, email us at We have started some recruiting efforts in the local area, but all candidates as welcome. We are looking for engineering, business development, and marketing roles.

Changing gears, I spent some time this week playing with Peter Secor is one of the founders and is a friend of a friend back from his days at Micromuse where he was a superstar. I think the idea is really cool - when they pull it off, it will be a killer application. The idea seems to be around backing up your hard drive using file sharing in a peer-to-peer network - you could compare it to bit torrent. Anyhow the bottom line is they are talking about $2.95 per month to backup 10gb. Right now I am using (IronMountain Digital) at $20 per month. If I were one of the big providers of remote backup, I would be all over Good luck to them.

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