Tuesday, January 16, 2007


SaaS Disruptions

I came across an interesting post on Moon Watcher/Globelogger on SaaS disruptions. Read it at http://www.globelogger.com/item.php?id=889. It talks about a number of service disruptions with salesforce.com, and typepad. This is interesting because it's making it more obvious that SaaS is a great idea but does not eliminate service outages and other IT issue. Solutions like SpanningSalesForce as well as backing up SaaS content will continue to be very necessary.
The author of Moon Watch, Charlie Woods, runs the company http://www.spanningsalesforce.com/. They provide feeds for SalesForce.com so when you are on the road and you can't access the SalesForce.com website, you still have feeds of your important sales content (thats one view - I'm sure there's other takes on the features). Great idea. They look like they are very close to putting out SpanningSync. It's great to see success with SaaS and Web 2.0 in the Enterprise. Let's hope this is just the start!

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