Friday, February 9, 2007


Control Your Content

Hi, my name is Alison. I joined the Techrigy team this week. will be in private beta by the end of next week and the caffiene is flowing. If you want to add your name to our list of testers send an email to

Blog are not immune to the evils that come at us over the web. We download security updates, scan our emails, protect our PCs and back up our data. Our web based content is more vunerable-making stories like the one below inevitable.

Bloggers get Hacked is a catchy headline. It’s a short piece about being “under attack”, and how personal it feels. Starting up a blog is essentially joining a community, and we want to feel secure within that community. Feeling secure requires that we have control of ourselves and our “stuff” and this little piece highlights the importance of that control.

BlogBackupOnline allows you to take control of your blogs. Back up your remote data to our secure data center. Export it, restore it, receive it on DVD-it's under your control.

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