Monday, April 30, 2007



We've pushed out another updated version of BlogBackupOnline. This release fixes a number of problems users have discovered, mostly with Blogger and WordPress.

BlogBackupOnline will now back up all of your Blogger posts. In the past, we ran into issues when users had more than 500 posts. All of your posts will now be backed up, even if you have more than 500 posts.

We also made a fix with WordPress and FeedBurner. Previously, if your WordPress blog redirected to FeedBurner, BlogBackupOnline could not perform daily backups. We've fixed this, and blogs redirected to FeedBurner will be fully backed up every day.

Unicode supports is also enabled and fixed now. All languages should now be fully supported.

For those that missed it last time, the comment backup and restore features has also been corrected. Some users were not able to backup all their comments, or their comments were not showing up after a blog restore. This has been fixed by tacking the comments onto the body of each post.

In a related issue, Google has been having a lot of trouble with their Personalized Home Page. Apparently, many users' personalized home pages reverted back to an older version due to some technical glitches. While our goal in creating BlogBackupOnline was never to simply create a Blogger insurance policy, one can never be too safe with their information and data stored online. This is simply another illustration of a freak accident causing users to lose their content. Thanks to NetworkWorld for the info.

We're constantly working to improve BlogBackupOnline. If you have any issues, please contact us at Thanks for stopping by the blog.

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