Thursday, May 31, 2007


Backup Embedded Pictures

We've made a long awaited update to BlogBackupOnline. Users can now backup their embedded pictures with BlogBackupOnline. The backup engine will now automatically backup any images that you include with your blog entries. We've had this feature available for a few weeks now, but we didn't want to make any major announcement until we got all the bugs worked out of the engine.

Here's how to set BlogBackupOnline to include pictures in backups:

If you are registering a new blog:

Simply register your blog with BlogBackupOnline, and on the following screen select the "Images" checkbox. That's it - you're done.

If you already have your blog registered and you want to set it to back up images:

Select the "Manage" button in the dashboard for the blog
On the right, under "Media files," click "Manage"
Set how big you want the backup files to be (1 to 50 megabytes)
Click the images checkbox, then Submit

All of your blog images with future entries will be backed up. If you want to backup images from previous blog entries, you will need to run a Full Backup again.

We've also made a few other changes:

The restore screen has been modified. Hopefully it is less confusing now. Please leave your comments or send us an e-mail about how you like the new restore screens.

We have a Spanish version BlogBackupOnline up now.

These are all new updates and features, so there will be bugs here and there. Please send us an e-mail or leave a comment when you find one.

Thanks for stopping by the blog - we're looking forward to your comments about the new features.

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