Thursday, May 10, 2007


Breakfast with Tom Golisano

We had the privilege to share breakfast with Tom Golisano yesterday morning at an event made possible by TEN. Mr. Golisano is the founder of Paychex, one of the most successful payroll processing companies in the world. He's also the owner of the Buffalo Sabres (who just happen to be one round away from the Stanley Cup finals).

Mr. Golisano took time to answer questions from the local entrepreneurs that attended the meeting, discussing everything from employee fraud to community activism. The key theme I recognized throughout his talk was perseverance and fortitude. In Layman's terms - getting stuff done.

This theme can be found throughout any successful life. It isn't always the best idea or the smartest person that achieves the greatest success. An essential factor is the ability to make things happen. It's far too easy to have you head in the clouds, dreaming of how you'll make that billion-dollar idea happen. It isn't until the rubber hits the pavement that anything real can be achieved. Revolutionary ideas are secondary; execution is essential.

In other news, Techrigy's own Aaron Newman was quoted in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, where he discussed TEN.

"Before T.E.N. was around you were really on your own," said Aaron Newman, founder and president of Techrigy Inc., a Pittsford-based software company. "It's really a conduit to a lot of resources people didn't know about before."
TEN really is a great resource. Those in the Upstate NY area that aren't familiar with it would be well served to visit the TEN site. This being our first real press coverage, we will be proudly displaying it throughout the office. Cheers!

There's a typo in your link to the TEN web site -- a pre-ended
Fixed - thanks for the correction Luidi!
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