Thursday, May 3, 2007


Losing data and other tidbits

Whenever we pitch BlogBackupOnline to anyone, we always say that our concern is not that a hosting provider losing data as a user accidentally deleting content. A perfect recent example of this is Business 2.0 deleting its June issue from the editorial server before it went to press. The magazine lost all its layouts for the issue.

In college, when I worked at the newspaper, we religiously saved our layouts every five minutes, but things still happened that caused us to lose data and have sleepless nights. Having backups ready could have saved a lot headaches.

We've had a lot of people tell us how they lost their blog content because of a user mistake or accidental deletion. BlogBackupOnline can prevent that huge setback when your content is eventually lost - whether it happens tomorrow or a year from now.

In other news, some of us are attending the Entrepreneur Bootcamp with The Entrepreneur Network in Rochester. We're doing a lot of discussion and learning about business plans, raising capital, etc, so we'll be sure to share our experiences with you.

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