Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Save Your Blog, Win a Prize contest

We are pleased to announce our new blog contest--"Save Your Blog, Win a Prize".

The submissions we’re looking for will be writing examples that highlight the importance of backing up blogs, and the danger of losing a blog. We are looking for entries in three categories:

1) Real-life stories about blogs crashing- give us your heart-wrenching tales about losing your blog.

2) Blog crashing fiction- invent a story about losing your blog, or show off your creative writing skills and present a fantasy tale showing the importance of blog backup for humanity.

3) Blog crashing poetry- share your narrative poems, haikus, limericks, or epics teaching us to back up our bogs.

We will select 3 winners from each category, in addition to a winner for driving traffic to our site. Our winners will be able to choose from our prizes, which include some of the coolest gadgets to be found on the web today, candy, free hosting with and, and free books from

Details about the contest are available here.

If you have any questions, please email

Thanks, and we hope to see you participate in the contest,

The Staff

Got a problem,I have a blog and I have over 2000 posts on it. Your useful website has saved them all, but it does not show all 2000 post when i want to recover manually (to many for automatically) it does not show all 2000 only like 500. how can i restore the ones it is not showing?
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