Tuesday, March 11, 2008


BlogBackupOnline V1.5 goes live

Yes, after much blood, sweat, and tears, the new version is live. Thanks to everyone involved.

A few notes on the new release:

Biggest new features:
1) Full backup and restore for tags and categories (note tags are backed up as categories right now due to the fact WordPress publishes tags as categories in the feeds).

2) Recurring restores for blogger. Bloggger only allows 50 posts to be restored per day, so we've updated Blogger restore to perform 50 posts per day until it is done. As well, we've gotten a contact at Google that says you can request that restriction be lifted for a blog on a case by case basis. Check out the Help file to get more details on this.

3) Added some simple AJAX and reworked some of the layout of the GUI to make the experience simpler.

Recommendation - you should run a full backup again to get the tags and categories for your blog.

Another warning - if you've registered a blog in the past and you've set your feed to be summary only, you need to change this. We have noted some people during the BETA period backing up summaries - BlogBackupOnline won't let you make that mistake anymore, you can't register a blog that has only summaries enabled. But if you've already registered your blog, check to make sure you don't have summaries only configured in your blog.

Also, just to clarify again for FREEMIUM users - your account won't back up linked content anymore (like photos and images linked from your blog). FREEMIUM accounts will only backup the content in the blog itself, so if you need that linked content, please consider upgrading to a Enterprise or Professional account.

Thanks to everyone again!

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