Friday, March 14, 2008


Confusion on space used

Many of our BETA users have been experiencing some strangeness in the Space Used. Hopefully this will explain and I'm hoping we didn't cause anyone too much frustration.

You probably will see a large jump in space used because BlogBackupOnline has started counting the linked files (images you linked to from your blog) in the space usage calculation which it hadn't before. We have been backing up these files for you all along, however most users simply want to backup the text of their blog. If you delete the backups of the linked content, your disk space storage will return to the original value. If you wish to keep backing up the linked files, we recommend upgrading your account.

If you send an email to we will remove the files for you.

As well, we are adding a button in BlogBackupOnline to do this manually. From the Dashboard, select the blog by clicking Manage next to the name. On the Blog Status screen is a button "Delete Linked Files". Just click this and give it a minute or so to delete the files.

Send me an email ( if you have an problems or if there is still confusion.

Aaron C. Newman
Techrigy, Inc.

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