Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Blog post on Social Media Measurement Roundtable

The Social Media Measurement Roundtable in Toronto, organized by Joseph Thornley, was held today.

It sounded like there was a lot of discussion regarding social media's influence, the degree of engagement in it, as well as its prevalence. Read about the details from Marshall Sponder, an attendee of the event, at the link below.


What are your thoughts on my thoughts?

You can measure a social media campaign only after you determine the objective for the social media campaign. Influence and interaction and results are the ways in which a social media campaign can be measured. Each has quantitative and qualitative elements. Below are my initial thoughts on this subject. Please bear in mind that there are probably more to add to each category. (Help, advice, and collaboration is appreciated)

Quantitative - 1. the number of people in the network 2. the number of networks/social communities/platforms 3. the growth rate of your network

Qualitative - 1. who is in the network? 2. what is the motivation for people joining the network? 3. what ideas are discussed in the networks

Quantitative - 1. the number of communication methods within a platform 2. the number of scheduled tasks(eg. messages, replies, comments, bulletins, blogs, etc)

Qualitative - 1. the types of communication being sent out 2. who are you targeting with a particular message?

Quantitative - 1. number of leads generated 2. number of sales generated 3. number of new contacts made 4. revenue generated

Qualitative - 1. types of leads generated 2. types of contacts made


Nelson Bruton
Alot to think about there. Interesting conversations I have had recently have been around influence. This seems to be the hot topic around social media today. Influencers in various vertical markets are often more critical to reach out to rather than the Scoble's of the world.

Ultimately I think there will be 2 camps around social media campaigns. Those viewing it as a science and those looking at it as art.
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