Sunday, April 15, 2007


Up and Running

The public beta of BlogBackupOnline is out! We finally released the updated beta last night - now anyone can register and back up their blog with BlogBackupOnline.

To recap, BlogBackupOnline allows you to:

- create full backups of your entire blog
- register for automatic daily backups of your blog
- restore your blog
- transfer your blog from one platform to a different platform
- export your backup files to any location

With BlogBackupOnline, your blog content is no longer locked up with your hosting provider, and your blog can be restored at any moment.

Not to mention that BlogBackupOnline is still free while we are in beta.

We've had more than 100 users register already, and we'd like to thank everyone for registering and sending us your emails and comments.

We hope that you'll try out BlogBackupOnline and find that it alleviates a lot of aches and pains with trying to back up your blog.

As with all betas, this isn't a perfect service, but we're working every day to make it better. Please contact me with any questions, bug reports or feedback - I'll be glad to help.

Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know what you think of BlogBackupOnline.

Oh, and a big thanks to StartupSquad for the great BlogBackupOnline review!

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